Microelectronics Research Development Corporation
KM-803310; Temporal LatchTM SEU Immune NVM Parallel to SPI Interface
Electronic integrated circuits providing radiation hardening for digital logic architecture
  • SPI Slave to Parallel NVM Interface Support
  • Two 74HC157 Compatible Muxes
  • Two CMOS to I2C Bus Interfaces
  • Drastically reduces external components for 8051XC SoC and PIC 8 bit RISC SoC ASICs
  • 24 bit Address to Parallel NVM
  • 8 bit Bidirectional Bus to Parallel NVM
  • Handshake to Parallel NVM
  • On-chip Rad Hard temporal latch register file (128x8)
  • Compatible with Northrup Grumman EEPROM, BAE CRAM and Honeywell NVM