Microelectronics Research Development Corporation
Microelectronics Research Development Corporation (Micro-RDC) provides research, design, and engineering services to support a range of industrial, military and aerospace customers. Through various U.S. Government contracts and research initiatives Micro-RDC continues to be a leader in the radiation-hardened community. 

Micro-RDC conducts research in advanced microelectronics technologies to provide cost-effective solutions for increasing reliability and radiation tolerance, as well as solutions for complete radiation-hardened-by-design (RHBD) chips. Our staff has decades of experience in all aspects of the design and testing of radiation hardened microelectronics, from semiconductor physics to system integration. Micro-RDC has proven IP, methods and know-how for providing leading-edge solutions to the electronics community. 

Micro-RDC is a U.S. Government compliant contractor with a DCAA approved accounting system and rates.
Micro-RDC is headquartered in Colorado with a research and development office in New Mexico. Micro-RDC's uniquely skilled engineers and scientists have backgrounds in both the design and mitigation of radiation effects at the transistor, circuit, and system level and the design of complex Systems on a Chip (SoC) ASICs. It is this combination of unique skills, resources, and facilities that allow Micro-RDC to address our customers' key technology priorities and most pressing design and engineering needs. These capabilities, along with our comprehensive knowledge of our customers’ missions, enable Micro-RDC to provide cost-effective solutions to the military and aerospace community.