Microelectronics Research Development Corporation
Advanced Single Event Effects (SEE) Testing Using Milli-Beam Focused Radiation
Micro-RDC has developed an advanced test sub-system for SEE characterization of complex sub-100 nm ICs for nuclear and space radiation environments. 
This new product, termed the "Milli-Beam" enables broad-beam heavy-ion testing, typically performed at accelerator facilities such as the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL), to be focused down to raster scan individual device structures within complex deep sub-micron ICs, including System on a Chip (SOC) ICs.
Milli-Beam Schematic
Milli-Beam Product installed at LBL
SRAM Raster Scan
The "Milli-Beam", provides SEE spatial error isolation on the order of 10 um to 30 um minimum and up to 100 um to 300 um maximum, depending on the desired scan rate. 
Specialized data reduction software will provide the user with 3-D surface plots showing error locations over the entire area and IC.
This effort is sponsored by DTRA